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To capture the unique connection an interactive art instillation has with visitors and recreate that feeling on the web doesn't seem like it would be a "quick weekend project." Yet at the annual Lehigh Valley Hackathon, that's exactly what my team of four set out to accomplish. By the time our three day event came to a close and EmptyRoom was complete, we not only ended up with a working virtual space that surrounds the viewer with art that moves only when looked at, but also took home first prize in the Hackathon.

Although you can certainly check out EmptyRoom using any web browser, our "hack" was built to be experienced on a smartphone using a Google Cardboard VR viewer. Thanks to an open-source Chrome experiment we used as a foundation, EmptyRoom can use your phone's accelerometer to change its camera view, bringing the entire project to life and creating an immersive virtual experience. Enjoy your stay!